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Spirit Team UK are a group of professionally trained individuals, set up in 2004 to investigate and promote research into the paranormal. We are based in the Midlands (Inc Coventry, Nuneaton. Redditch, Birmingham and Leicestershire) and with over 35 years experience, the team are available to carry out investigations in all parts of the West and East Midlands. (All other locations will be assessed on a case by case basis)
We specialise in Haunted properties, ghosts and spirit communication. To date we have carried out over 250 investigations, ranging from small private houses to castles, including such high profile locations as The Ancient Ram Inn, Woodchester Mansion and the Birmingham Alexandra Theatre. We aim to offer a full paranormal investigation service including UFO's, Vampires, Werewolves, Black eyed Children anand many more.
Although we offer a service in a wide range of paranormal cases, our main focus is on Private House Investigations. We feel we have extensive experience in spirit communication, spirit guidance, spirit removal, house cleansing and portal closing.
We use modern equipment blended with traditional methods including Video, Audio, Thermal Imaging, Motion detection and Night Vision cameras.We are currently undertaking a research project to understand new ways of understanding Paranormal Phenomena by the use of both scientific and traditional equipment and methods. One such project includes the use of different light sources and their effects.
We offer a confidential service and are available to carry out an investigation at short notice. A full report of our findings is presented on completion of the investigation.
We are affiliated to the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) and members are accredited ASSAP investigators who have undertaken professional training and are members of the National Register of Professional Investigators (NRPI).
Our managers are also members of The Ghost Club, the oldest paranormal society formed in 1862.
The team also has qualified first aiders, full liability insurance and CRB checked managers.
If would like our help or have any relevant information, please feel free to contact us using the links on our contact page.
Spirit Team UK – Leading the field in Paranormal Investigations.

Alan Clifford - General Manager

I have been interested in all things paranormal since an early age. My first sighting being in 1979. I helped run the Birmingham UFO Group in the 90's. In 2004 I formed Spirit Team UK with the help of 3 others. To date I have carried out over 250 investigations. I've appeared in several books, newspapers and also the TV program 'My Ghost Story'. My extensive experience in all things paranormal has given me a unique insight into many hauntings, sightings and other strange phenomena including an ability into psychic mediumship. I'm currently writing several books including one about my paranormal research and investigations. Member of; The Ghost Club ASSAP (Association for scientific study of anomalous phenomena) NRPI (National Register of Paranormal Investigators)

Pete Hall - Manager

I have been interested in the paranormal since a young boy with my first experiences coming from exploring the abandoned railway tunnels of Nuneaton. My love of Horror films especially Ghostbusters and The Exorcist gave me craving for more. I joined Spirit Team UK in 2010 and have been instrumental in providing a fresh approach to investigations and experimental research experiments. To date I've carried out over 100 Investigations and love the thrill of hunting paranormal phenomena, whilst maintaining a clear approach to investigative techniques.

Steph Pickerill - Assistant Investigator

I have been interested in the paranormal for 26 years. My first experience was at 15, where I saw my Aunts spirit, I have seen multiple spirits and shadow people. I currently work in a haunted location and have lived in a couple of haunted houses.

Emma Clifford - Consultant

Providing a consultant and review service for the team since it’s start in 2004. Providing a critical eye on evidence and team procedures. A history in HR, Admin and Legal services, passing that experience to the team and its procedures.

Jess Edge - Assistant Investigator/ Social Media Manager

I have always been interested in the paranormal from a early age, and have always been open minded to it all. I have had a lot of paranormal experiences including family homes, public places and my old workplace. I currently live in a home with two spirits who I communicate with regularly and i find it very fascinating. I use crystal healing a lot and have recently started to learn tarot cards.

Stuart Stabler - Research Assistant

Joined the team as a research assistant. Have been interested in the paranormal for the last 10 years and work in the same venue where Spirit Team UK are based.

Once you have filled out your details and we have received your information, one of the Team will review the enquiry. Based on the information supplied, we will follow these guidelines.

1. We normally reply to you first by email.

2. We may ask you to complete a Paranormal Activity Questionnaire.

3. This may be followed up by a telephone call to carry out an initial assessment and to offer further guidance.

4. Based on this call, we may then arrange a visit to further investigate any paranormal activity.

5. During this visit stage we will carry out a further extensive interview along with a site inspection.

6. Based on this we will put together a plan to best suit your personal needs and goals.
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After we have spoken to you and discussed your situation we may arrange a home visit
This will be booked in at a time convenient to both parties. Before we arrive for the investigation, you will be required to complete a pre visit survey. This tells us about who will be there and what permissions we may need. It also helps us to carry out a risk assessment for everyone’s safety. Depending on the information you provide we may wear body cameras to record our arrival and interview. This is to protect everyone’s interests and will provide essential evidence in the case of any disputes.

On arrival we will carry out a more extensive interview, this will include standard questions that allow us to compare cases. This includes information like types of activity and frequency of events

We will then carry out a site visit to determine the layout of the property and areas where activity has taken place. We will also take readings to determine if there are any unusual environmental factors. This includes Temperature, EMF, Radiation, Co2, natural gas and infrasound levels. We will recheck these throughout the evening to determine any changes and what the possible causes are. All of the readings above in excessive levels can cause hallucinations and feelings of fear.

We may then want to spend some time alone in areas of activity. We can then monitor activity and record audio and video.

Once done we will then discuss our findings and make plans going forward. These can range from general advice, vigils, experiments, board sessions and house cleansing. On completion of the investigation we will leave you a plan of action going forward.

All of the above processes will be subject to everyone’s agreement and will vary from case to case. There will be no pressure from us to carry out any actions against the wishes of the client. 

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We do not charge for what we do initially. We have put in years of research and experience to help you understand and hopefully fix any paranormal issues. This is motivation enough to carry on providing a premium service.
Although we do not charge for what we do, we do ask you to consider a donation towards petrol costs if you can. If you choose to make a further donation in gratitude for the service we provide, we would be extremely grateful. Any money we receive is put back into the team to help aid further research into the paranormal.
At the end of each year, if we do have any money left over, then we donate this money to charity. So rest assured, any donations find a worthy home. 
If your case involves us purchasing any goods to aid your investigation, we would pass this cost on to the customer.
For example, a house cleansing involves the purchase of sage, candles, crystals, incense, holy water, smudge spray and any other items that are deemed necessary. The cost of a cleansing starts at £25 but maybe slightly more dependant on the size of the property. We have a very high success rate with cleansing, so it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and a peaceful life. 
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you. 
  • Spirit Team UK, Aldermore Life Centre, 78 Round House Road, Coventry CV3 1DA, UK
  • (No personal callers without an appointment)