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After we have spoken to you and discussed your situation we may arrange a home visit
This will be booked in at a time convenient to both parties. Before we arrive for the investigation, you will be required to complete a pre visit survey. This tells us about who will be there and what permissions we may need. It also helps us to carry out a risk assessment for everyone’s safety. Depending on the information you provide we may wear body cameras to record our arrival and interview. This is to protect everyone’s interests and will provide essential evidence in the case of any disputes.

On arrival we will carry out a more extensive interview, this will include standard questions that allow us to compare cases. This includes information like types of activity and frequency of events

We will then carry out a site visit to determine the layout of the property and areas where activity has taken place. We will also take readings to determine if there are any unusual environmental factors. This includes Temperature, EMF, Radiation, Co2, natural gas and infrasound levels. We will recheck these throughout the evening to determine any changes and what the possible causes are. All of the readings above in excessive levels can cause hallucinations and feelings of fear.

We may then want to spend some time alone in areas of activity. We can then monitor activity and record audio and video.

Once done we will then discuss our findings and make plans going forward. These can range from general advice, vigils, experiments, board sessions and house cleansing. On completion of the investigation we will leave you a plan of action going forward.

All of the above processes will be subject to everyone’s agreement and will vary from case to case. There will be no pressure from us to carry out any actions against the wishes of the client.